Special Journal Issue

To the q-bio Conference community,

Thank you for your support of the 2019 q-bio Conference held in San Francisco.

Please consider submitting an article to the 2020 Physical Biology special issue featuring work presented at the 2019 q-bio Conference.  

The issue has become an annual tradition that both strengthens and advertises the contributions of the q-bio community.  The special issues are doing well and papers published are frequently viewed and cited.   For this special issue, we will be accepting the following types of articles:

1.  Research Papers — Comprehensive, fully documented reports of original research.

2.  Perspectives — Personal views on a particular research topic or discipline.

3.  Tutorials — Background knowledge for an audience unfamiliar with the subject.

4.  Reviews — Critical evaluations of the existing state of knowledge on a particular topic or research area.

Articles related to the topics of your presentations at the recent q-bio conferences are generally suitable for submission to the special issue. 

To ensure that the special issue is balanced, we ask that you indicate your intent to submit by sending an email (including article type, title, author names, and a brief one paragraph abstract) to [email protected] by September 16, 2019

You will receive a preliminary assessment of the suitability of the proposed paper for the Special Issue within a few days of your email. 

The manuscript submission date is November 29, 2019. Early submissions are encouraged. Papers will be reviewed by members of the q-bio community.

Physical Biology special issues are published incrementally - so as soon as a paper is ready, it will be published online and added to the Special Issue web page. Therefore, authors do not have to wait for all papers in the issue to be ready in order to get their paper published. We will work hard to have the majority of papers published well before the 2020 q-bio Conference.

The word limit for papers is 10,000 words.

Recap of deadlines:

Paper proposals deadline: September 16, 2019  (please provide article type, title, author names, and a brief one paragraph abstract in your proposal)

Full manuscript submission deadline: November 29, 2019Early submissions are encouraged.

Please email Orna Resnekov at [email protected] with any questions, and Mark or I will do our best to get back to you promptly. 

If you wish to discuss by phone, please include a phone number and the best days/times to reach you.

Looking forward to reading your exciting work!

ORNA Resnekov and Mark Chan (Editors)