Last Welcome Notes - 7/30/19

We wish everyone smooth travel to San Francisco. 

Weather in SF:  "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.
This quote, attributed to Mark Twain, apparently was never said by him, but it is still apt. 

SF State University is on the far western side of San Francisco near the ocean, with fog and brisk wind. The temperatures average in the high 60 and low 70s (Fahrenheit) during the day and can drop to the 50s at night.  Bring layers - sometimes we have 10 -15 degree changes during the day.   

see more qBio  conference information here.

Recommendations for shuttle or taxi services while in San Francisco: 
MyShofer:  888-592-0055
DD Transport Service: 510-703-4000
SF Tour Bus: 510-755-0605
SF Green Cab:  415- 626-4733 
Yellow Cab:  415-333-3333   
Flywheel Taxi:  415-970-1300

For those of you arriving mid-day WED 7/31/19-  the best choices for lunch may be at SFO - not the SFSU campus.
     SF Airport dining
     SFSU campus options

Local hangout near SFSU campus-  The Lister is a place where many people like to go after meetings. However, you might also explore the larger cuisine scene in the city and venture out. A few restaurants near SFSU for open evenings can be found here. But why not explore with some city-wide restaurant options? and see Zagat City Guide here:

There  a full-service gym in the shopping mall next to the campus, City Sports Club. It is about 1 mile away. They have a free 5-day guest pass.
The SFSU campus gym- the Mashouf Wellness Center  - does not extend guest passes to anyone other than SFSU students, faculty, staff or family members.